Project gathering employers and employees for a dialogue and co-working in workshops aiming enhancement in labor market and overall welfare… [read more]

Profesionālās izaugsmes konference Rīgā

– “Oh, if only I could talk with a Human Resource expert before applying for a job interview…”

Making that dream come true, project gathering employers and various employees for a dialogue and co-working in workshops.
Our team has developed project from bringing the idea from Brussels to Latvia in 2013 till the analysing results after a 3rd event in 2016.


  • organising a one day event (format – conference+individual evaluation+workshop) once a year,
  • inviting Human Resource specialists and managers for evaluation and inspiring leaders for public speaking and panel discussion,
  • launching an extra activity – “Mentoring programme”​,
  • acting to contribute to a global goal Nr. 8 “Decent work & Economic growth” and local goal to strengthen competitive position of Latvian labor market.

Marketing and PR:

  • shaping online and offline materials (printed production, digital images and banners, video stories),
  • partnering with Universities and companies to inform about the event,
  • 1 radio interview in 2014 and 3 TV interviews in 2015,
  • organising an opinion poll (HR departments of 35 companies) and a press conference in 2016 where Latvian Employers Association and National Employment Agency representatives commented on the results.


  • during 3 years project involved at least 589 members of society: 111 in 2014, 162 in 2015, 316 in 2016,
  • within “Mentoring programme” in 2016 15 people were selected and started working with 9 mentors. It resulted with 3 of them getting desired job positions, 1 – getting employed in a new area after 10+ years of working in another profession. Plus 4 of them were students and 1 scholar. We continue to follow professional growth of our mentees.

Facebook page of the project:

Do you see yourself or your company in this project? Or maybe you wish to create an absolutely new one, but don’t know what to start with?

I can be there for you with overall project management, as well as marketing, branding, communication, creating and leading team toward a vision, consultation… and more. Let’s collaborate! Feel free to contact me (click here).



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