Power of collaboration [read more]

Tele2, Cabot, McDonalds, CV-Online, Rimi, Evolution Gaming, Darba Guru, Circle-K, Statoil, Digital Freedom Festival, Task PR, Vnukovo, Starwood

There are just some companies that I had a pleasure to collaborate on various projects or consult during only last years (2015-2017). In a world full of such passionate people, who admire what they are doing, anything is possible!

We brought together various companies to projects and as a bonus to our souls we got satisfaction about impact we made, results achieved and spent great time by active involvement. Here are just few of them:

  1. Project “Sweet sin”: Fashion (L’Officiel) & Photography & Food,
  2. Project “Professional development event“: Employers (Human Resource departments and Recruiter companies), Employees, Educational and Governmental Institutions,
  3. Various projects: Association of a Luxury District in Milan & Fashion Brand & Historical Vineyards (find more in the next publication)…

… and much more projects, choosing ethical, impact bringing marketing. Tell me what is up for you, click here for contacts.


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