Partner reviews

I recommend Inga as a Project Coordinator and Supervisor: she is a fast learner, patient, compliant, persistent (using proved facts) as well as able to listen, hear co-workers and reach agreement. I saw her engagement in finding solutions for new situations and specific cases of communication. Enthusiastic about her career. Shows her own initiative to attend professional conferences and courses. Interested and able to test and implement new ideas and approach into practice. I believe Inga is able to uphold the reputation of any company.

Inga Alondere is a solid marketing pro with a knack for organizing people towards a common goal – being it a professional event or a pro-bono social campaign. She is both enthusiastic about her tasks and very realistic and attentive with small details and methods. You can expect her to carefully prepare everything ahead and work towards strategic goals. Would not hesitate to work with her again in future.

My roads with Inga crossed in Your Future project (read here: Professional Development events) where she was one of the organizers and developers of the conference and seminars in Latvia. It was my pleasure to cooperate wth Inga as she carries such qualities as professionalism, high level communication and people skills, effective collaboration and organizational skills, empathy, determination to achieve the very best results together with her team. I believe that any futher positions will ensure her fit for managerial positions with the capabilities she possess.

I know Inga for some time already back from the moment when we’ve met at Riga Airport, “ATU Duty Free” (read here: aviation and passengers research). For the 3rd year now we have been actively engaged in the (Y)Our Future in Latvia project (read here: Professional Development event). I see that Inga has made a tremendous progress in her abilities. I can describe Inga as a reliable and hard working partner who is driven by result. She has gained very strong project and time management skills over the last 3 years. She is expanding her knowledge of Marketing very rapidly, she is following the trends not only in the local market, but globally. Inga has a strong potential for the future in the Marketing management.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 21.06.46Инга ответственный и очень старательный профессионал. Презентации, отчеты, графики, анализ результатов – всегда были сделаны детально и качественно.
Обладает чувством стиля и моды, у Инги сильная творческая сторона. Отличный сотрудник в команде, которая имеет отношение к дизайну, моде, пиару, рекламе, технологиям. (ENG: Inga is a responsible and very diligent professional. Presentations, reports, charts, analysis of the results – were always done thoroughly and efficiently.
Inga has a sense of style and fashion, a strong creative side. A great member of the team that is relevant to design, fashion, PR, advertising, technology.)